Telecommunications Solutions

Bolunga is able to assist in installing best breed systems integration that provides a wide range of two-way radios, that cater for the diverse communication requirements of a broad range of industries and environments.
We are able to provide services in following products Motorolla and Hytera.
For installation services we have the capacity for Mobile Radio Wireless Equipment.

Digital Two-way Radio

GPS Navigation, radio track playback, visualization management platform.  PPT on touch communication, strong signal and long continuation talking.   National intercom in group, a hundred responses to a single call Automatic update of group calling and group information. Can be widely used in the logistics, freight taxi, urban management, medical aid, security systems, high end property, construction and other industry users.

WiFi Ruckus

We specialize in wireless solutions powered by Ruckus WiFi technology for small and mid-size businesses, outdoor and indoor events, hospitality industry, educational institutions, hospitals, residential and office buildings.

Fiber Solution

We provide and install state of the art Optic Fibre solution to your home and business, inclusive of support and maintenance.

Our extensive experience means that we are able to undertake all aspects of the site planning and build, including the design and build of the base structure itself, through the tower fabrication and installation stage, to the rigging and antenna installation

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